Pfizer Genotropin


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For many adults and children, growth disorders can be tied into a range of health issues including long-term impacts on their heart and vital organs. Though functioning differently in adults and children, the growth hormone plays a crucial role in regulating major bodily functions, including increase in height, heart health and organ development.

Doctors can now prescribe the FDA-approved Genotropin, an injectable growth hormone by Pfizer. Available for delivery, you can place an order for Pfizergenotropin pen for sale across Miami, FL. For doctors, clinics and pharmacies, you can find the PfizerHGH for sale here, available in the form of a pen and more.

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2 x 5.3 mg/16 IU – 32 IU Kit, 3 x 5.3 mg/16 IU – 48 IU Kit


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