Norditropin Nordilet Pen


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The Norditopin pen has been a popular intervention in the treatment of HGH disorders and deficiencies. HGH is responsible for many vital roles in the body, including but not limited to pituitary gland function, and growth in adolescents and children, and regulating body composition and fluids, as well as metabolism for adults. Buy Norditropin pen today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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1 x 10mg/30 IU – 30 IU Pen, 2 x 10mg/30 IU – 60 IU Pen, 3 x 10mg/30 IU – 90 IU Pen, 4 x 10mg/30 IU – 120 IU Pen, 7 x 10mg/30 IU – 210 IU Pen, 15 x 10mg/30 IU – 450 IU Pen, 1 x 15mg/30 IU – 30 IU Pen, 2 x 15mg/30 IU – 60 IU Pen, 5 x 15mg/30 IU – 150 IU Pen


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