Human growth hormones, or HGH, are naturally produced hormones that are vital for core bodily functions. They are produced by the pituitary glands and aid growth and cell repair, boost metabolism and heart function, and also regulate body composition while promoting bone and muscle growth.

Primarily, HGH works by stimulating various organs to activate the metabolism and the production of a protein that is much like insulin. This creates cartilage cells that help with growth.

Medical Uses Of HGH

Synthetic HGH has been around since 1985 and is an FDA approved drug that is available on prescription for a number of conditions.

In children, HGH is known to treat genetic disorders as well as other medical conditions that lead to poor growth. These include Turner’s syndrome, chronic kidney disease, HGH deficiency, Prader-Willi syndrome, and more.

As we grow older, these hormones are not produced in the same abundance. This results in conditions that are linked to aging. This is why the FDA approves this drug to treat conditions like short bowel syndrome, and severe HGH deficiency, and other diseases that affect the muscles.

The Potential Side Effects of HGH Misuse

While it’s an FDA approved supplement, it has potential risks if administered carelessly, which is why it is a prescription-only drug. But HGH has spiked in popularity in recent years, as many individuals seek ways to revive their youth and build their athletic ability, many of these uses are not FDA-approved, and for good reason.

While HGH is frequently sold as an oral supplement, there is no proper evidence that suggests that it works as well as an injectable HGH, since oral consumption would lead to HGH being digested before it is even absorbed into the body.

Some known side effects of HGH include joint or muscular pain, edema, high cholesterol, and a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome that may cause weakness or numbness in the hand. Furthermore, HGH production is closely linked to insulin levels in our body and when taken irresponsibly, it can increase the risk of diabetes and promote certain kinds of cancerous tumors.

Should You Take Injectable HGH?

If your doctor has prescribed it for you, then you definitely must. Because when used with proper care, HGH can be extremely beneficial for your aging body.

Additionally, while taking HGH you should always carefully monitor its effects on your body and consult with your doctor regularly for any drastic, unprecedented changes. And it should always be taken while incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine to improve your overall health.

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