The term ‘short stature’ is used for children whose height falls below the third or fifth percentile when the pediatrician plots it on a growth curve. However, before you consider growth hormone therapy, here’s what you need to do:

Does the child deal with GH deficiency?

As a trusted HGH supplier, we recommend seeking appropriate consultation and assistance from your primary healthcare provider. They’ll conduct a couple of diagnostic tests to confirm that your child’s body produces inadequate human growth hormone levels and that they’re dealing with clinical growth hormone deficiency.

Just because you think your child isn’t growing the way they should, doesn’t always imply that they’re GH-deficient. There is a lot of difference between a child being naturally small and unnaturally small. This helps them to prescribe the appropriate dosage. The doctor will also follow up with subsequent tests to keep track of the GH levels and to ensure that the injectables are doing their job.

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Family height history

After the diagnostic test results come out, the next thing you need to consider is the family height history. This is also an important deciding factor that helps you decide whether you’d want to take your child for GH therapy.

Considering the family height history also helps you determine whether the child has reached their full height potential or they haven’t. If the child’s grandparents and parents are on the smaller side, there are higher chances that the child will be, too. While the family is a contributing factor, it definitely isn’t the only one—especially if there are a lot of variations within the family.

Mental health considerations

Mental health is a very sensitive and yet, incredibly important aspect of your child’s overall health profile. According to studies, children who are shorter but healthy can still undergo a lot of mental stress. Most of this arises from frequent comparisons between themselves and their taller peers.

At the same time, frequent visits to the clinic and constant interaction with injections and syringes can often exacerbate the phycological stress. If your child is emotionally sensitive toward the issue, make sure you’re providing adequate help, emotional support, and empathy.

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