Human growth hormone, or HGH, is extensively studied due to its positive impact on our bodies. One such research goes over the effects of HGH on our immune system and how it triggers, or influences, cell regeneration by activating IGF-1.

The role of the immune system is crucial for our well-being and existence. It protects us from invading microbes like bacteria, viruses, and illnesses and heals any damage caused by these invading forces. Here’s a look at how HGH impacts our immune system.

Growth Hormones and the Immune System

HGH has a direct connection with the Thymus Gland, which is a producer of the famous T-cells. These T-cells focus primarily on foreign particles entering our body and play a critical part in improving our immunity.

HGH also correlates with B cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, antibodies, and more, leading to increased production of the cells that keep us healthy.

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HGH and Immunity

One of HGH’s crucial roles in the immune system is that it affects the Thymus gland (the gland that protects us by producing white blood cells). The thymus gland looks after the production and development of WBC’s, which mature into T cells. These T cells then assist the body in protecting against any foreign particles that enter our bloodstream. By the time one reaches puberty, our body has created all the T cells.

The immune system works best in adolescence because of all the T-cells present. This is why infants and older adults have a weakened immune system and easily succumb to infections.

But how does HGH affect these immune cells? Peak HGH levels are seen during young adulthood. This shows that HGH works with the thymus to escalate and improve T-cell production, thereby boosting its ability to ward off pathogens.

HGH Benefits for the Immune System

According to research, these Lymphocytes that later become T cells, produce their HGH, which then works on the immune system.

HGH also affects certain functions, such as stress levels. If left unchecked, stress can weaken the immune system and increase cortisol levels (which inhibit HGH). With increased HGH levels, cortisol levels lower down, and reduces stress.

It also stimulates protein synthesis in our body leading toward the creation of antibodies that we need to fight off infections.

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