The HGH injectables have been all the rage for some time now; the injectables are of great interest for children who are dealing with GH deficiency, short stature, and conditions like Turner’s Syndrome. In fact, the medical experts at Forbes have called it the ‘sweet syringe of youth’ as far as adult consumption goes.

Over the past ten years, the popularity of these injectables has significantly skyrocketed. Case in point: Genotropin’s sales rose to $49 million in 2000. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back.

However, before you get your first shot, here are a few questions you might need an answer to:

Do I need an HGH prescription?

The answer is yes. HGH is a prescription supplement that can’t be bought from any OTC pharmacy. You can only purchase HGH injectables from an authorized seller against a valid prescription. Make sure you consult a credible HGH therapist who has the right licensing and HGH-related experience. Your regular healthcare provider might not have the required relevant experience. It won’t hurt to ask around for referrals and reviews before choosing your therapist.

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What is the adequate HGH dosage?

This is also why you need to get in touch with an HGH specialist beforehand. Both too little and too much of the growth hormone could result in unpleasant symptoms. Overdosing on Norditropin can result in side-effects, including cold sweats, nausea, fast heartbeat, drowsiness, and weakness. In the long-term, overdosing can also result in excessive unwanted. This is why we strongly suggest against self-medicating. Your HGH therapist will recommend the right dosage according to your medical condition, age, tolerance level, and other medical factors.

How does GH deficiency affect adults?

It’s a common myth that HGH supplements are only for children. They’re also prescribed to adults who are dealing with GH deficiency. GH deficiency symptoms in adults include less muscle strength, stamina, lean body mass, bone density, and body mass.

As you grow older, low GH may also result in a greater tendency to deal with bone fractures. Deficiency may also result in reduced sexual function and drive and greater sensitivity to heat and cold. Other symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, depression, a persistent feeling of being isolated, and blood cholesterol changes. You might also start seeing an increase in body fat, especially around the waist area.

Other psychological factors include difficulty focusing, memory issues, difficulty concentrating, and bouts of emotional distress.

How is HGH administered?

Although there are multiple ways to administer HGH supplements, the most common method is through pre-filled, single-use, disposable syringes. You can also invest in growth hormone pens that include interchangeable cartridges. The pen systems are usually pre-filled with standard vials of HGH powder in Lyophilized form.

Where can I buy HGH injections?

It’s important that you’re only consuming FDA-approved, safe, and reliable HGH injectables. If you’re based in Miami, FL, buy HGH injections from HGH Supplier. Some of our best-selling supplements include the Norditropin Nordilet, Eli Lilly Humatrope, and Pfizer Genotropin. Get in touch to learn more about our products.

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