Norditropin has long been a strong market force when it comes to effective HGH injectables. The Nordilet injections are prescribed by HGH therapists around the world for individuals dealing with natural growth hormone deficiency.

Here are different methods of administering the injection:

The FlexPro® device

When it comes to Norditropin, you don’t need a regular syringe. The original delivery device distributed by Norditropin is known as the FlexPro® pen. The good news is that the FlexPro® pen is pre-loaded and pre-filled. They are also very thin and ensure great precision and accuracy.

You can store your FlexPro® pen outside the refrigerator for up to 21 days. Just like the rest of the Norditropin products, these pens must also be refrigerated at 36°F to 46°F prior to the first use. The key is not to freeze them. These pens are extremely easy to use. In fact, most children are able to administer their injection on their own. Before you completely let your child do so, make sure you discuss it with your doctor.

These pens are available in four different strength variants and are color-coded accordingly. Again, the HGH therapist will decide the right variant for you. Adjusting the dosage is simple and only requires you to turn the dial to the correct amount. The pen always makes a clicking sound every time you dial it up or down. You don’t need to change cartridges, change batteries, load medicine, or fill the pen.

Use the PenMate®

PenMate® is a viable option for those who prefer their needle to be hidden while administering the injection. You can attach the pen either into the PenMate® or the FlexPro® and twist it. Keep on twisting until you hear a click. One of the key benefits of the PenMate® is that it’s reusable. You can always remove it from the FlexPro® and attach it to a new one. However, these needles are sold separately and you may need a prescription to buy these.

The PenMate® completely covers the needles, making it a great option who get anxious when they see the needle. All you need to do is lightly press the insertion button and the needle will adequately penetrate inside your skin. The PenMate® also has a large gripping surface, making it easier for you to grab it.

How to store the pens?

We recommend keeping the pens away from both children and pets. Since it’s important not to miss out on your dosage, keep them somewhere where you don’t lose them. If you’re keeping it inside the fridge, make sure it doesn’t fall off every time you open the door. Keep the pens away from extreme temperatures. If you’re living in warmer climate, don’t expose the pen to a higher temperature than 77°F. If you’re traveling, make sure the temperature inside the sun-warmed car remains consistent. Don’t expose the pen to direct sunlight.

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