The whole internet is filled with HGH facts and myths, but what’s the reality of it? A lot of people believe that it is the fountain of youth, but that’s not it. There are certain myths surrounding HGH supplements, which is why it’s important to debunk them.

If you’re planning to buy real HGH, then this post is the one that you need to read first.

HGH is Illegal

The first myth that you will ever hear about HGH is that it is illegal. HGH is FDA-approved and is prescribed by doctors to the patients. It’s a natural hormone that every person needs. However, its deficiency can lead patients to take its supplements.

No matter how many times you hear that HGH is illegal, it’s not. Remember that FDA does not regulate the HGH consumed for increasing athletic performance.

You Can Buy HGH Online Without Prescription

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It’s a myth that you can purchase HGH online without a prescription. If someone is selling you this product without a prescription, then that’s a red flag.

The product must be prescribed to you by a doctor to avoid any challenges for you in the future. The doctor will thoroughly assess you and decide, based on your condition, if you should take HGH or not.

Make sure that you have talked to your doctor before you buy growth hormone supplements.

HGH Can Stop Your Aging

Nothing can stop you from aging, and that’s the reality of it. HGH supplements can increase collagen production, but that does not mean that they will bring you back to your 20s.

HGH can help you increase skin elasticity due to the presence of amino acids in it, but not more than that. Make sure that you’re aware of it before you buy HGH supplements from the store.

HGH Has No Side-Effects

Just like any other medicine or treatment, HGH comes with a few side effects as well. Prolonged use of any product can cause significant changes to the body, which is why it’s necessary to take the supplement upon doctor’s prescription.

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It’s Safe to Take Any Dosage

No, it’s a myth that you can take any dosage of the product. As mentioned earlier, the product is taken upon prescription. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re taking the right dosage.

Human Growth Hormone injections can be purchased from an online or physical store. Ensure that the seller has a good reputation in the market and that their products are tested in the lab for quality assurance.

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