For a long time, Somatropin has been used as a prescription medicine for those dealing with idiopathic short stature. This active ingredient is available under a wide range of drug labels, out of which Humatrope is one of the most sought-after variants. Here’s all the information you need about the growth supplement:

What is Humatrope?

Humatrope is a popular variant of the biosynthetic human growth hormone. This prescription drug is most commonly used by children whose bodies are unable to produce the required amounts of natural growth hormone. It’s commonly prescribed for conditions such as Turner Syndrome, renal insufficiency, or the ones that were born small for their gestational age. It helps them grow at a normal rate and attain the required levels of height and body composition. At times, doctors also prescribe Humatrope to those who are looking to decrease body fat or gain some lean mass.

When can you not take Humatrope?

Humatrope is a prescription drug, which means you need to be careful with when to consume it and when not to consume it. We don’t recommend consuming Humatrope if you are dealing with an active tumor, cancer, or diabetes. At times, GH deficiency could be an early symptom of some sort of tumor in the pituitary gland. Only a detailed medical examination can help you rule it out.

You can also not consume Humatrope if you’re allergic to glycerol or meta-Cresol. In such cases, the usage could result in allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, skin rash, itching, or swelling. Keep your children away from Humatrope if their bones have finished growth. This condition is known as closed epiphyses. We also don’t recommend the usage if you’ve been through a severe illness or complications resulting from surgery. You must also keep an eye out for torn cartridges or tampered packaging.

How to use Humatrope?

The correct way of administering Humatrope depends on the brand that you’re using. For more accurate information, refer to the instructions on the leaflet or speak to your doctor in detail. In most cases, Humatrope is either administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The correct dosage depends on your age, weight, medical condition, and how your body responds to the treatment. We don’t recommend shaking the solution before using it. This might make the solution a little ineffective. Always lookout for some signs of visual discoloration before using the product. If you’re using a pen device, don’t share it with another individual. Make sure you’re discarding the supplies properly every time. It’s also recommended to be wary of the expiry date.

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