Medical research first recognized the therapeutic uses of human growth hormones around 45 years ago. This development resulted from consistent proposed and approved HGH benefits over the years, as it transitioned from treating a handful of patients to tens of thousands globally.

HGH injections have become attractive due to their anabolic actions against various catabolic issues in many clinical conditions among patients. Today, they’re a potential agent for treating patients with burns, cystic fibrosis, fertility issues, bowel disease, Down’s syndrome, osteoporosis, and many others. 

However, human growth hormones may be abused in two specific conditions. These include the promotion of athletic strength and reversal of aging effects. People tend to consume excessive amounts of human growth hormones to achieve these goals, exposing themselves to harmful health consequences.

Read on to learn how HGH injections are abused and how one can prevent its side effects.

HGH for Athletic Prowess

Excessive HGH usage among athletes and bodybuilders is the classic form of human growth hormone abuse. Despite the lack of its efficacy, many sportspersons resort to this method to gain an edge over their competitors.

The concept of HGH abuse in sports came forward after Ben Johnson’s disqualification in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games when he successfully won a gold medal against his competitor. Later, he lost the medal after his test reports indicated the consumption of growth hormone injections along with the anabolic steroid stanozolol.

Most people rely on HGH for increased athletic performance. However, according to clinical studies, HGH over dosage may lead to excessive muscle mass without improving one’s strength. In fact, it can worsen one’s capacity to be physically active.

Consequently, its health consequences can lead to poor athletic performance. Therefore, athletes worldwide with a history of HGH are strictly banned from participating in competitions by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

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HGH for Age Reversal

People indulge in unhealthy human growth hormone consumption due to their alleged age-reversal benefits that can help slow down the aging effects. The increasing beauty standards have resulted in a never-ending quest for a “fountain of youth” among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Moreover, print and social media play a massive role in HGH’s advertisement as an anti-aging tool that preserves youth by increasing hormone growth levels. While the anabolic effects of HGH injections may potentially impact one’s body composition, there’s no evidence of its positive functional effects on one’s aging process.

Despite the lack of evidence, many people resort to HGH to regain youth and vitality, resulting in an increased risk of medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

The Solution: Creating a Dynamic Balance

Diabetes, fluid retention, joint, muscle pain, and carpal tunnel are common side effects of human growth hormone abuse. Higher HGH injection doses play a critical role in developing these side effects, especially among older people.

However, lower doses to treat the body’s natural metabolic processes like memory retention and resistance to diseases can show a favorable ratio of HGH injections’ benefits to side effects.

Therefore, consuming modest doses of anabolic steroids through HGH injections is ideal for benefiting from their properties.

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HGH is a prescription-only drug. Therefore, it’s critical to use it when a doctor prescribes it to you. You can now buy real HGH for sale from authentic FDA approved suppliers like us. 

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