The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved human growth hormone injections as a treatment for various physical and mental disorders. Some of these HGH supplements can have side effects like fatigue and mood swings. But there still are a few safe HGH products you can use with a proper prescription. Here are three safe products you can use.

Norditropin Pen

One of the best HGH supplements you can use in the market is the Norditropin pen. It’s been an effective tool for the treatment of HGH disorders and deficiencies. It’s approved to help children who are suffering from growth hormone deficiencies and have disorders like dwarfism, Noonan syndrome, or Turner syndrome. The common variables in all of these syndromes are short stature, weak bones, and a lack of development of certain facial features.

Furthermore, these HGH injections are also approved as a treatment for children who are suffering from malnourishment.

Pfizer HGH

This is a hormone supplement that improves body composition and growth. It stimulates growth in the bones. Genotropin can be prescribed by your doctors for various reasons but it’s mainly used as a treatment for growth deficiency disorders. Children who have shorter stature or are weaker and smaller compared to other children their age are given Pfizer Genotropin.

Meanwhile, it’s also used to treat children suffering from kidney disease or Prader-Willi syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes constant hunger and low muscle mass.

Pfizer Genotropin is also used to assist in reducing weight. It provides massive energy boosts to your body which intensifies your workout. It’s also been known to provide better results from the same workouts. It also assists in reducing weight by cutting unnecessary fat and improving your muscle mass. 

Eli Lilly Humatrope 

Another safe HGH injectable to treat growth hormone deficiency is the Eli Lilly Humatrope. It’s used to treat idiopathic short stature, a disorder in which the child is growing slower than normal and is shorter than 99% of the children of the same age and sex. This supplement is also used for SHOX deficiency.

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Your body produces fewer human growth hormones when you age. Your bones start getting weaker and your start to look old with wrinkly skin.  The supplement helps you maintain the required hormone levels; improving bone density and reducing wrinkles which causes anti-aging effects.

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