Human growth hormones, often referred to as HGH, are are responsible for… you guessed it… our growth. These hormones are produced in a pea-sized organ of our brain called the pituitary gland. Growth hormones are responsible for cell repair and reproduction. This process helps keep our muscles strong and our bones dense. It is also responsible for physical and mental growth in kids.

Some people are deficient in these hormones as their pituitary gland stops working or doesn’t produce the required quantity. This could be hereditary or could happen due to a serious head injury. At times, a tumor growing on or near the pituitary gland may also cause growth hormone deficiency. This most commonly happens in kids, but some adults may also experience the symptoms. 

But don’t you worry! This deficiency is treatable. You need to visit your doctor, and after administering some tests, they would provide you with growth hormone supplements that will bring your life back on track! Let’s discuss some main types of growth hormones. All these are composed of somatropin but belong to different brands and may have slightly varying impacts.

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1.      Genotropin

Genotropin injections are produced by Pfizer. These are usually given to children who are suffering from growth hormone deficiency. They need to be administered subcutaneously at a 90-degree angle. They’re available in 5.3 mg/16 IU dosage. When purchasing them, you could either buy them in a packet with two injections or a bigger packet size with three such hormone injections. This depends on how much your doctor has prescribed you.

If you have active cancer or diabetes, you shouldn’t use these growth hormone injections. In case of severe breathing problems, you may require surgery and should avoid using Genotropin.

Genotropin comes in multi-dose pens with digital displays. It can also be bought as miniquicks which is perfect for families.

2.      Humatrope

Children who do not make enough growth hormone themselves, have Turner Syndrome, or were born smaller than their peers are advised to take Humatrope. Humatrope is a registered trademark under Lilly and Company. They come in 24mg/15 IU dosage. And like Genatrope, it can be bought in packs of 2 or 3. You can also find them in 6mg and 12 mg dosages. Your doctor will prescribe the right amount. When injecting, the needle should be straight up, and you’re supposed to leave it in for 5 seconds after injecting all the contents. Read their user manual for detailed instructions on how to use the pen.

3.      Norditropin

Norditropin is another growth hormone injection that is produced by Novo Nordisk. Norditropin pens need to be stored in temperatures below 77 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes in three variants: the FlexPro, Nordilet, and the PenMate.

Norditropin dosage is usually available in 10mg/30 IU and 15mg/30 IU.

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